Fitness Instructors

Melanie Aceves

Melanie sitting on a sand beach wearing a decorative crocheted top over a bathing suit.
Yoga Instructor

Jeanine Amacher

Jeanine standing on a mountain ridge in a black shirt and black shorts
Spinning Instructor

Ronna Biggs

Ronna with short brown hair wearing a black shirt with a black and white scarf
Meditation Instructor

Reece Forman

Reece squatting behind a barbell clapping chalk on his hands.
Barbell Strong Instructor

Darcie Hill

Darcie in a cream-colored blazer standing in front of a brick wall
Faculty/Staff Wellness Administrator, Fitness and Running Instructor

Maria Jenkins

Maria instructing Zumba on a gym court in a pink tank top and black workout pants
Zumba Instructor

Jill MacIntyre Witt

Jill in a blue hoodie with a black background
Pickleball Instructor

Justin Manipis

Justin in a blue t-shirt holding a barbell against his shoulder
Barbell Strong Instructor

Anna Pearson

Anna in a grey long sleeve shirt with a patterned scarf standing in front of a brick wall
Aquatics Coordinator & Youth Programs Advisor

Tatyana Stahler

Tatyana in a side plank yoga pose in an all black outfit
Pilates Instructor

Kate Stevenson

Kate backpacking with a straw hat and black tank top on
Pilates/Whole Body Fitness/Ski Conditioning Instructor

Savanah Wainwright

Savanah in a black outfit sitting with her legs bent in front of an orange background
Yoga Instructor

Richelle Williams

Richelle swimming in pool
Swimming/Spinning Instructor

Substitute Instructors

Ron Arnold

Ron in a blue shirt in front of a brick wall
Fitness/Instructional Coordinator, Fitness Instructor

Rob Eis

A collage of three pictures depicting Rob performing kickboxing exercises.
Kickboxing Instructor

Margo Nanneman

black and white image of Margo posing on a yoga mat with a plant in the background
Yoga Instructor

Caitlin Sommers

Caitlin in a black blazer standing in front of a brick wall
Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness Instructor

Alicia Wang

Alicia in a pink tank top in front of a grey background
Yoga/Fitness Instructor

Rachel Yonemura

Rachel and a yellow Labrador retriever on a hike with greenery in the background
Yoga Instructor