Barbell Strong & Barbell Strong Open Gym

Course Description

Barbell Strong

Barbell Strong, at its core (no pun intended ;)), is about learning and mastering traditional barbell movements and building general strength and hypertrophy. Through focusing on proper and fundamental human movement patterns, the body and mind can adapt and become stronger.

The majority of this class will be with barbells but will also include general conditioning workouts with body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells and bands. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Whether you’ve never been in a gym before, or have years of experience under a barbell, this class is for you. Overall, Barbell Strong is about fostering a team oriented community that learns and grows together.

Barbell Strong - Open Gym*

There will be no formal instructor present for this class, so to sign-up for this class you must be in Friday’s Barbell Strong class this term or have taken Barbell Strong in the past. The goal of Barbell Strong Open Gym is for you to get another day of practice and repetition in on the Barbell. Equipment will be accessible, thanks to Caitlin who will also be completing a workout during this time. Reece will aim to provide a workout on the whiteboard and/or focus for the day. Come lift with your crew and enjoy the comradery while you refine your barbell skills with some extra/optional direction from Reece.

*To sign up for Barbell Strong Open Gym, you MUST have previous Barbell Strong Class experience or currently enrolled in Friday Barbell Strong Winter 2024 quarter.

Instructor for Barbell Strong, Reece.
No instructor for Barbell Strong Open Gym


100% In-Person

Course Schedule

Class Day(s) Offered Time Location(s) Instructor(s) Cost Modality
Barbell Strong Open Gym – W Wednesday 12:05 - 12:50 p.m. SRC MAC Gym
No Instructor
$20 100% In-Person
Barbell Strong – F Friday 12:05 - 12:50 p.m. SRC MAC Gym
$35 100% In-Person
Barbell Strong – WF Combo Wednesday, Friday 12:05 - 12:50 p.m. SRC MAC Gym
$50 100% In-Person