At Home Workout & Wellness Resources

Inspired by your Wellness Program Instructors!

All resources are FREE -- other details specified as needed

Body Weight Workouts (equipment optional)


  • Jerusalema Challenge: Repetitive, catchy dances to learn, sweat & have some fun!
  • Dance Fitness with Maria, Natasha & Co: Class 1 (1 hour 24 min) & Class 2 (1 hour 6 min)
  • Dancing Resources from Dana:
    • Resource: FREE online 30-day trials for Body Groove
    • Dancing with Dana: Keep movin' and groovin' – check out Dana's Facebook page for some song and dance inspiration!

Mind-Body Resources


  • Tree House Yoga with Lacy Kemp: Generally FREE pop-up yoga class around Bellingham, she is now streaming all of her classes online!
  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Yoga on Gaia
  • Eckart Yoga – Megan’s suggestion for high caliber teachings that blend somatics, functional movement, and of course yoga
    • After you click on the link, select TRY FOR FREE, then provide an email, name and PW to login
  • Do Yoga with Me from Melanie: Beginner level focusing on stretching & calming (35-min)
  • Do Yoga with Me from Melanie: Intermediate level with challenging poses & deep openers (35-min)
  • Do Yoga with Me from Melanie: Intermediate level focusing on core & general stretching (55-min)
  • The Under Belly
  • Down Dog App (email and PW required)


  • Pilates at Home with Tatyana: Side-line Series and Spinal Mobility
  • Polestar Pilates creators series of short video suggestions from Kate:
    • Start with meditation or joint mobility. Find intentional breath and turn on your key players of the core.
    • Do podcast 1, 2, and 6
    • End by standing in mountain pose, inhale arms up with thoracic extension, exhale arms down with thoracic flexion; repeat 3-6 times.
    • Close your eyes and work on your proprioception. Balance on one leg.


Staying Well